About Me.

Welcome to my life! You will never see a lot of traditional images of sitting and smiling as if I asked you to say “CHEESE”!

Richie Carter, PhotographerGod has given me the talent to see REAL moments… and that’s what I strive to capture. I honestly will give you my best every time because I’m passionate about my craft. I’m going to be the best me that I can be… that way I can capture the best you!

A little about me… I love God, I love my wife, Tina and our son Nicholas… I have fun no matter what… I wear bow ties… I love to dress up… I love to dress down… I love golf… way too much… I love to laugh… my clients inspire me and make me smile on a daily basis…  I married a super model who is now a super mom…giving back makes me happy…a deep fascination for art of all types runs in my blood…I have a taste for all things tasteful…I don’t mind when my wife spends too long in Ann Taylor…

I pour myself into my work…  I own quite a few cameras…  traveling excites me…  The thought of Nicholas brings a smile to my face…  helping others is a must…  we should all enjoy life a little more than we do now…

I fell in love with love,
Richie Carter

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