What Our Clients Say

  • “I had a phenomenal photoshoot with Richie Carter. It was my first experience and he made it absolutely relaxed and easy. I’m elated and forever grateful for the Richie Carter Experience. It’s one I’ll always remember!!”

    — Volandria C. —
  • “Richie Carter’s photography always intersects with milestone moments for me. The first time was when I moved to New York City to pursue an entertainment career. An actor’s headshot—next to their talent—is the most important part of an actor’s portfolio. To trust someone with your headshot is to trust him/her with your career and livelihood. I felt confident in auditions, and my headshot was a big reason for that. Most recently, Richie shot my 40th birthday gala and studio photo-shoot. I don’t live in Huntsville, Alabama, but without hesitation, I knew Richie would capture everything just as I wanted it. Once again, his eye and creative insights were perfection. My expectations of service and quality are really high, so normally I cannot enjoy being in the moment. But, with Richie I was able to enjoy the day and be in the moment without questioning or worrying “how will the pictures turn out”. That means a lot when you’ve put so much heart and resources in to an event. He nails it, and I don’t throw compliments around loosely. #Endorsed”

    — Ryan P —
  • Richie does an amazing job, from the way he capture the moment, to being a great host.

    — Abby B. —
  • “I have had many experiences working with Richie Carter and every one has been magical behind the camera! His work ethic and professionalism are second to none! You must experience The Richie Carter Experience!”

    — Johnny S. —
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