Happy New Year :: 2012!

Happy New Year!!!

There’s so much that I plan to start-&-finish in the 2012, but kinda afraid to own up to all of them due to the fact that I’ll be trying to accomplish 730 days of work in 365!  Are they resolutions?  Only if I’m allowed to break a few!

#1. Healthier Living – I stepped on the scale NYE and I weighed in @198lbs!  Starting today, I must step up my workouts and eat healthier.  I got off track when at the beginning of football season (as I do every year), but hey… it’s a new year!

#2.  Personal Projects – There are some personal photography projects that I plan to execute and share in the 2012. Just like my Project 50/50, I plan to pour my heart-&-soul into this one as well!  Oh yeah, your participation will be needed!

Photo of my me in my grandparents backyard

 #3.  Grow Richie Carter Photography – I have already secured most of the wedding that I’ll book this year.  I’ll be shooting a few more out of state this year… Georgia, Mississippi & Tennessee here I come!

 #4.  Holistic Life Balance – If you’ve read “First Things First” by Covey, Merrill and Merrill, I pan to reorganize the way in which I spend my time; based on the concept of importance – not urgency.

#5.  Blog More – 2012 has already proven that it’s going to be more dynamic than any of my previous and I’m ready for it!  I plan to blog more about what’s going on in my life starting with the previous 4 resolutions that I’ve listed!

 #6.  Launch my updated website within the next 30 days!

#7.  Publish “Project 50/50” (which is 95% complete) and hold a book signing within the next 60 days!

As I said last year, I read an interesting article this year about how the major reason why weight watchers works so well is because they make people weigh themselves in front of a room of people each week. People tend to stick to resolutions that they publicly state to others, and hopefully by doing this you will help me stick to mine.

That being said, Happy, Wonderful & Prosperous New Year to All My Blog Readers!


Posted on January 2, 2012 in Thoughts&Feelings

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