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There’s a new magazine in Huntsville by the name of Cohesion!

This magazine is Madison County’s premiere quarterly business, lifestyle, and networking magazine committed to encouraging entrepreneurship and financial stability throughout the Madison County Area, especially among minorities and women.

I was asked to do photography for several of their clients which I did and those clients… DeJeas Boutique, Dr. Whitney Dunham OB/GYN and Sterling Travel.  The editors of Cohesion liked my work to the point where they offered me a sweet deal where their designers would design an ad for Richie Carter Photography to be placed in their magazine.  I was nervous at first because I’m usually the guy on the other side of the camera… I said, what the heck and let them be creative with any of my images (which I hate to see images of myself).   I was sent 3 proofs and boy was I stunned with aw!!!!

Big shot out to Christy @ KREASHUNS GRAPHIC GROUP for creating the images…

I loved all 3 images and had a hard time deciding on which one to use.  So I didn’t decide… I let my wife have the honors.  Below is the image that she liked best and I couldn’t agree with her more.  Hope you enjoy my photo and I also hope that you pick up a copy of the magazine.

You can also check them out online at

Candidate 1

Candidate 1

Candidate 2

Candidate 2

Candidate 3

Candidate 3

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