Marc Lacy :: Spoken Word EP – NARCOLEPTIC

Once again, I got to work with one of my Huntsville’s Most Interesting People (HMIP), Marc Lacy, (poet/author/lecturer), on another project… a Spoken Word EP – NARCOLEPTIC.  His requirement was a complete Press Ready 2 panel CD jacket, plus CD, as seen in your local music store. This project not only included a studio photo session but direct work with Layout, Design and the Replicators specific requirements. Not being tied down by so many rules and guidelines I was once again allowed to let my creative juices flow!

A few months ago, Marc was looking to do a photo session just to update his portfolio.  We had talked about ALL that we were going to capture and it was going to be quickie!  But for some reason, I could here my 9th grade AP english teacher, Mrs. Twinning say, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go a stray”…. and they kinda did.

First, we shot all that we said that we were going to capture.  Then, I thought about a new look… Hat… bow-tie… Malcolm… Jazz!  Marc thought that I had fallen from the tallest limb on the tallest tree in the forest.  But for some reason, he trusted my instincts and we came away with some images that I knew should be used someday… After I processed the images, Marc still didn’t feel them but they kept calling his name like Pookie!

Eventually, this one landed on the cover of his latest Spoken Word EP… NARCOLEPTIC!

This EP was produced by Kelvin Wooten of Woodaworx Productions and AVO Publishing.  LEAD VOCALS: Marc Lacy ADDITIONAL VOCALS: Gloria Caldwell, Larinda Donnell, Kathy Yolanda Rice, Cathy Miller Robinson, Malcolm Singleton, and Alexandria Thomas.

PHOTO & DESIGN: Richie Carter Photography.

Narcoleptic will prove to be Lacy’s most creative work yet. With a heavy dose of superb background vocals, Marc’s lyrics were able to ride Kelvin Wooten’s untouchable beats and melodies like a surfer at high tide. Lacy flows about serious issues even most leaders refuse to discuss…and feeds it to you within a nice 6 track meal. You’ve never heard Marc spit like this before. How does it compare to the previous spoken word cds? There’s only one way to find out.

If you would like to listen to some of the samples, check it out @

Having been selected out of many Professional Photography & Design Studios to create his CD project was another honor for me.

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