Still Some Good People In The World….

For the past week, I’ve been talking with one of my favorite new clients who just happens to lives out of town.  Therefore, we do some of our paperwork via mail… this time, Priority Mail.  I’ve never had an issue receiving mail from my Post Office Box but this time things went a different path.

Two correspondences went out on consecutive days… The second correspondence was received before the first.  Two days went by and the first correspondence never made it.  My client asked me that night had I received it and I assured her that I would check it again in the AM.  The next 3 days, I went by the Post Office and again… no first correspondence.  This went on for two weeks…. We’re both worried because the first correspondence contained some *very* valuable and pertinent information!

This evening, I got a phone call from someone who has a P. O. Box with a number very similar to mine.  She told me that my package was somehow placed in her box by mistake.  Luckily, she knew to look up my business name and got the phone number to call me and let me know what happened.  She didn’t want to just drop it back in the box without asking me first if I just wanted to meet her at the Post Office to pick it up.  Especially if there was something in it that was time sensitive.

So off to the Post Office to meet this young lady with the P. O. Box with a number very similar to mine.  She was so apologetic but she had no reason to be… I told her we’re human and we make mistakes.  This time the mistake was not ours, but the the Post Office.

I’m just glad that there are still some good people in the world…

Posted on March 15, 2011 in Thoughts&Feelings

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