Derek + Chandra :: Married

On Saturday, 8.14.10, I was blessed to photograph the wedding of the newly weds, Derek & Chandra Marsh. This was my first church wedding of the year… being that this was in August, I welcomed it BIG TIME!

For those of you who know how I rehearse at a wedding practice, know that I will count off steps just to know how long it will take me to get to point-A to point-B and back without being heard/seen.  I do this to respect the sacred ceremony. With that said, I was able to photograph the wedding, with the help of Ron Corn, without them even knowing that I was in the buiding.

Derek is usually playing the tough guy, but when Chandra walked through those double doors, she was like a breath of fresh air… she beautiful and ALL EYES WERE ON HER… this made Derek a gentle as a lamb.

Derek & Chandra… I want to thank you publicly for allowing me to be your wedding photographer.  It was a joy working with you both over these past few months and everybody who knows the two of you know that your marriage is going to last forever… you two were meant for each other.

Here’s a taste of what was captured during the day…

Photograph by Ron Corn

What a beautiful day!

Photograph by Ron Corn

Thanks for being my best man/The Men

Bottom image by Ron Corn

Happy Bride!

First Look!

Sand Ceremony…

The Exit…

The Second Kiss… (Can’t show you everything)

Few Reception Shots… yes, those are REAL bubbles being blown!

The Toss!

I introduce to you, Mr. & Mrs. Derek Marsh!

Hope you enjoyed.

Posted on October 10, 2010 in Weddings

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