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Project 50/50 – Day 3 :: Woman Scorned

“I don’t want you but no one else can have you”…”All you’re good for is standing on a street corner, welfare and food stamps”…and “If I ever see you and our kids crossing the street again, I’ll run you down!”  I divorced him, took my sons and ran! God provided! -Tina Lockhart

Fredro Star

Project 50/50 – Day 2 :: Poetry in Motion

Triumph is a way of overcoming an obstacle.  I lost everything and dancing helped me rejoice during my difficult time. Dancing is my escape from depression. God’s gift brought me out of tough situations. I‘m a Movement of Expression; I’m An Instrument of Dance.  Follow My Poetry in Motion. -Fredro Star

Project 50/50 – Day 1 :: Hurtful Words

I too heard those words… “He’ll never make it!”  These and other hurtful words cut me deep and left permanent scars!  Over time I learned to reject them and use them as motivation.  But it took some time… Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! -richie carter

Project 50/50

After my EXPOSED event, I’ve been led to do a project in which I’m calling “Project 50/50”. I know, I know that I need to explain the concept, so here it is: Starting in September, I’m going to take 50 photographs over 50 sequential days of 50 different people telling their stories in 50 words…

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