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Project 50/50 :: Book Preview has Arrived!

It’s been along time… I didn’t want to leave ya, but first things come first!  I finally received the preview to my Project 50/50 book!  I’m MORE than STOKED right now! Actually, the book was at my doorstep when I got home… I was just too nervous to open the package.  Filled with anxiety, I…

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Project 50/50 :: Covered by the local news

You just never know the adverse affect that a story has on a person… community… or the world.  WAFF-48 News covered my  Project 50/50, which was my attempt to allow 50 people to tell their story in 50 words or less while I photographed them with my 50mm lens.  So many people have been encouraged…

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Project 50/50 :: Done!

As a child, I use to hate leaving my grandparents house because there, I use to have the GREATEST times!  But I knew it was over when granddad would say, “All good things must come to an end…” What I wouldn’t do to hear him say that one more time… Some people are blessed with…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 50 – Ties that Bind

He helped me to love life again after a difficult divorce. She helped me to not loose faith, after I lost my job. No matter what the future holds, we know that when it mattered, we where each others life line. Thats our connective tie that binds us. -Charles Beason + Joneia Brown  

Project 50/50 :: Day 49 – PSA

At the age of the 35 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  This was caught early because my nurse practitioner suggested that I take a prostate specific antigen (PSA).   My urologist said I should, “send her roses” because this suggestion saved my life.  Now I encourage all men who have prostate cancer in their family…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 48 – Know Your Status

Age 8, I watched my father fall to his knees screaming the loudest “Noooooo” when my mother died!   12 years later, I heard that same “Noooooo” ringing in my head while holding his fragile, cold hand!  Too numb to speak, I released the last of my parents. Safely born before either of the two were…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 47 – Unbreakable Bond

Imagine being adopted and never knowing that you are not alone in this world. A sudden urge energizes you to begin a quest to finding your lost past. Well ten years after the beginning of my search and thirty four years after my birth, I have found my biological sister!!! -Shawntel Jean-Batiste

Project 50/50 :: Day 46 – Against All Odds

Against All Odds, I Did It!  Single parent, military and a black female, I was the second out of 14 brothers and sisters to receive a Bachelor’s degree and the first to receive a Masters! The challenges were daunting but my passion was greater! “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me”  -Lateisha…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 45 – Second Chance

My heart wasn’t pumping enough blood to meet my body’s needs. It wasn’t a heart attack or blood clot; I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Doctors implanted a Cardiac Rhythm Device.  Without it I may have had only six years left to live. By grace I have a second chance to be a testimony.…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 44 – Captain for Hire

“Deckhand or Captain?” “Sheep or Sheppard?” “No God or Know God?” “I asked, Jesus answered!” My heart’s now His helm; My soul, His Cabin; His Ship, my Home! Once a fire captain, now his captain for hire shouting, “HEAL CHRIST’S BROKEN BODY; PREPARE HIS BRIDE; Sail with me into Glory!” -Minister Michael “Disciple” Monroe

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