Nicholas, My Future Employee!

I have to give it to technology! For Christmas, my older sister Valinsa (Van) got my son Nicholas a camera. Not just any camera, but a Fisher Price Digital Camera! When she told me about it, I was thinking about the 2-eye View Finder camera that I grew up with. You know the kind where you put the disc in and slid the lever on the side to advance to the next picture? Anyway, technology has advanced!

Fisher Price took that same design and has created a digital camera! It’s tough enough to stand up the way kids play and is very child friendly.  It even has a 4X zoom.  Now when daddy goes to shoot, I can take my protege with me!

Here I am photographing Nicholas taking his first pic (which was of moi)!

Nicholas with HIS first camera!

I’ll share his first pics at another date!  But for now, I hope you enjoy!

Posted on January 23, 2011 in Film, Nicholas

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