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Damian + Tammie :: Wedding

She and her girls arrived in at the church in a long stretch limo knowing that the next time that they see her again, she would be Mrs. Damian Figures.  Tammie dressed in a solo room, ensuring that nobody was going to see her until that magic moment… and what a moment it was. As…

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KD + Tiffany :: Wedding

She was prepared for this day but he left no stone unturned… Tiffany had planned for her father to meet her in the center of the courtyard as she descended from the double doors, but she had no idea that K.D. would actually lay down his own rose petals at the door for his bride…

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Photo Album Unveling

It’s always exciting to watch a couple view their wedding album for the first time.  Although they’ve seen the preview of the album, there’s nothing quite like watching them viewing that album for the first time!  I always preview it first and get a tingling feeling every time I view one for the first time…

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Aubrey + Ilisa :: Married

Aubrey & Ilisa were married on 9.18.2010 at Progressive Union Baptist Church, followed by a beautiful reception at the Knight Center.  As with the engagement session, this couple was full of love and energy… which made my job a slice of wedding cake… sweet! I knew that Ilisa would be beautiful because I got to…

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Derek + Chandra :: Married

On Saturday, 8.14.10, I was blessed to photograph the wedding of the newly weds, Derek & Chandra Marsh. This was my first church wedding of the year… being that this was in August, I welcomed it BIG TIME! For those of you who know how I rehearse at a wedding practice, know that I will…

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Deron + Danisha :: Married

On Saturday, 9.04.10, I was blessed to photograph the wedding of the newly weds, Deron & Danisha Baker. All week the weather had reached temperatures of 100 degrees and yes… this was an outdoor wedding. Was I nervous about the heat… just a little. But God saw fit to make this the most beautiful day…

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Leteria Moses :: Bridal Shoot

A few weeks ago, May 11th to be exact, I did a bridal session with who was then Miss Leteria Moses.  The wedding was last weekend and she’s now Mrs. Leteria Waters! Leteria was a beautiful bride and was a joy to shoot!  She had her wedding coordinators with her for the session and we…

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Pamela + Eric :: Wedding

On May 30th, I was blessed to photograph the wedding of Pamela & Eric at the historic Saint Mary’s Catholic Church. It’s easy to capture love in photos when two people express it so freely and that’s what this couple displays…. LOVE! Here are a few photos of their Big Day….

Camille + JoJo :: Wedding

After spending time with them during our E-Session, I just knew that Camille & JoJo were going to look adorable on their wedding day! The kind of love that is shared between the two of them is rare and I hope that I captured it in their photos.  Here are a few of my favorites….…

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