Happy New Year 2011!


Last year was filled with some awesome, extraordinary photographic adventures and opportunities. Making a dozen brides and grooms happy by photographing the most important day of their lives… their weddings, having my work published in various media including Gospel Today Magazine, RADAR Magazine, Cohesion Magazine, Marc Lacy’s LYRICODE 256 CD cover, and organizing a few of my photography friends in an effort to give back to the community through pictures… just to name a few.

It was a good year of some wonderful images! But despite the successes, a photographer is only as good as his or her latest picture, so here we are, looking towards the new year with the intention to shoot new images that are better than our best today.

Alright, let’s jump into the resolutions and goals for 2011!

I have a few new, exciting projects under planning, and will tell more about those a bit later when the time is right.

But I will share this…. this year I will be trying out one or two new shooting techniques, adding some new niches into my portfolio, as well as enhancing my skills in some advanced digital darkroom areas.

Also this blog deserves a lot more love and care than what it has enjoyed over a past few months. With that said, I promise to deliver one new entry a week. That’s right… one new entry a week with this one covering week-1!

I read an interesting article this year about how the major reason why weight watchers works so well is because they make people weigh themselves in front of a room of people each week. People tend to stick to resolutions that they publicly state to others, and hopefully by doing this you will help me stick to mine.

That being said, Happy, Wonderful & Prosperous New Year to All My Blog Readers!

Posted on January 4, 2011 in Thoughts&Feelings, Weekly

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