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Reminisce of Days Gone By… {Part II}

Yesterday, I shared with you some treasured moments with my sisters in my post Reminisce of Days Gone By… {Part I}.  Today, I’m going to show you the loves of my life… My wife Tina and my son Nicholas!

Nicholas Richie :: Sunny Day

Sunny days usually mean that I’m off somewhere photographing someone or something which isn’t a bad thing these days.  But one thing that I promised myself that I would do in the 2011 is spend more time photographing and blogging about my own family members.  Let’s face it, I can remember my father saying one…

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Nicholas, My Future Employee!

I have to give it to technology! For Christmas, my older sister Valinsa (Van) got my son Nicholas a camera. Not just any camera, but a Fisher Price Digital Camera! When she told me about it, I was thinking about the 2-eye View Finder camera that I grew up with. You know the kind where…

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Nicholas Richie :: First Snow

Saturday, 12.05.09, we got our first snow and we decided to introduce Nicholas to it.  As you can tell by the tear in his eye, he didn’t like it… But I’m sure in due time, he’ll grow to love it! Enjoy,

Nicholas Richie @ 6 Months :: People

On March 22nd of this year, my wife and I were blessed to witness having our son Nicholas see his first six months of life!  Each day is a *NEW* blessing….   I knew that this day would be very memorable, so I wanted to take a few snaps to capture the moment.  This was…

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