Project 50/50 :: Day 45 – Second Chance

My heart wasn’t pumping enough blood to meet my body’s needs. It wasn’t a heart attack or blood clot; I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Doctors implanted a Cardiac Rhythm Device.  Without it I may have had only six years left to live. By grace I have a second chance to be a testimony.…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 44 – Captain for Hire

“Deckhand or Captain?” “Sheep or Sheppard?” “No God or Know God?” “I asked, Jesus answered!” My heart’s now His helm; My soul, His Cabin; His Ship, my Home! Once a fire captain, now his captain for hire shouting, “HEAL CHRIST’S BROKEN BODY; PREPARE HIS BRIDE; Sail with me into Glory!” -Minister Michael “Disciple” Monroe

Project 50/50 :: Day 43 – Life Changer

For years, they called me names – Blacky, White girl, Bull-dyke. I had clothes torn, scratches on my face, and even a concussion. It was torturous. I didn’t understand. I asked God to take me, but instead, He gave me what others tried to take – courage, confidence, and self-worth. Bullying could have been life-ending,…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 42 – To Live

The word made flesh. The seed inside of me, becoming what I should be, the fire. The sounds, vision planted inside, have taken me places I never thought would be. I express these things, as I think, I feel, I say, I do. Living my life… to live. -Zamzam Ausar

Project 50/50 :: Day 41 – Resuscitated

Life threw me a low blow packed with Destruction, Depression and Divorce. But when life knocked me out, the Holy Spirit performed CPR. Resuscitated. -Neshonne McDonald

Project 50/50 :: Day 40 – Still Praising

At 20 I was diagnosed with Lupus In my early 30′s I underwent chemo At 37 I had a stroke Between then and now I’ve have had 5 major surgeries Doctors said that I would never see 40 but God saw differently…. Today I’m 40, Still Praising and Thanking God every single day! -Melissa Anderson

Project 50/50 :: Day 39 – Beautiful Scars

Cancer?! Not exactly what we had in mind to deal with during our thirties. Painful memories mirrored by scars where beautiful breasts once lay. It became a journey of faith and devotion with love and hope as guiding lights leading us to humility, survival and eventually acceptance. -Monique Whitaker + Ruth Braswell  

Project 50/50 :: Day 38 – Monumental

Approaching the stone in his likeness, I thought “Massive… majestic… magnificent”. But most of all I was PROUD!  Proud to be his fraternity brother, Proud to help raise the funds it took to build, and proud that it’s a monument not for just Americans, but for the world. That’s MONUMENTAL! “No one really knows why…

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Project 50/50 :: Day – 37 – Learned Worth

So many times we settle for less than what GOD has for us. I am guilty of it myself for the last 10 years due to my fear of loneliness. Too many heartbreaks and disappointments only to realize that being alone isn’t that bad. I’ve learned my worth! -Regina H. Sullivan

Project 50/50 :: Day 36 – Checkmate

Ever felt like your back is against the wall? It’s a full count, the 24-second clock is about to expire, and your team is counting on you to score. For some, that’s a recurring feeling, but no matter the odds, dedicated people always find a way to win. Checkmate. -Julian Green  

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