Project 50/50 :: Day 25 – Crossroad

Possessing a Doctorate, I finally found my niche as an educator! But this passion comes with challenges. I love my family; I love this job. Walking in faith is not always easy. But I still hold on to God promises. Understanding that whether I turn to the left or to the right, my ear will…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 24 – Road Less Traveled

Why Do I Volunteer? To be a symbol of hope to our youth who still have a fighting chance if they can learn how to do it right. To guide and show them the result of choosing the “Road Less Traveled” over peer pressure and ignorance. -Johnny Keith  

Project 50/50 :: Day 23 – Faithful

We struggled to have children for three years and almost lost our faith because of it.  After a rock bottom fall, the Lord lifted us up and blessed us with our first child, Nolan, in less than a month. Soon after, He blessed us with our second child, Ansley. Keep your faith… we did! -Cassie…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 22 – One Brick at a Time

THE STORM IS OVER NOW….. It’s ONE day, ONE brick, ONE prayer, ONE step at a time to rebuilding our lives. We lost everything….But really lost NOTHING! “On 04/27/2011 over 300 people were killed due to the Tornado Storms that swept through Alabama. Our experience was terrifying but GOD spared our lives so for that,…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 21 – Pocket Change

I was a victim of identify theft where I was left without a dime in the bank… but I had this nickel in my pocket. Facing adversity, I found my passion… photography. This nickel reminds me why I shoot; it’s my pain, humility and trust. Thank God for pocket change. -Chris Dowdell      

Project 50/50 :: Day 20 – Forgiveness

Matthew 6:14, “For if we forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you!”  Almost 18 years ago, when my son was senselessly murdered, I found it very hard to forgive those responsible for my loss and pain.  As time goes on, I want to be free from the bitterness and to receive…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 18 – Joyful Noise

“There ARE youth in our community, making a difference!” We are 3 sisters who love making a JOYFUL NOIZE unto the Lord! Once at a youth camp meeting we were instrumental in leading 38 children between the ages of 10-13 to baptism in a single night! We are delighted to be instruments for God! -…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 19 – Purpose

I was told that I needed a degree to make it in the world today. I was looked down on because I wanted to do hair. The Lord has blessed me to be able to use my hands to make people look and feel good about themselves. So guess what?  With my Cosmetology license I’m…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 17 – Family First

We’re on this entrepreneurial journey to provide for our family. It’s not the people, it was us allowing the people that don’t understand our vision to get in the way of progress. Had to stop postponing the progress due to nonsense By realizing that GOD has US on this journey. -Randy + Demi Howell

Project 50/50 :: Day 16 – Love TKO

If home is where the heart is, then I must wear my feelings on my sleeve. They say, “Keep Out and No Trespassing”, well I say “Love laughs at locksmiths”. We were family then…and We Are Family now! Love TKO? Naaah, I doubt that homie~CC LOVE -Rel Jerrell

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