Project 50/50 :: Day 15 – Mirror Mirror

OMG!  This morning I looked at myself. No!  Really, I saw beyond me… More than the color of my eyes and moles on my face. I saw something I couldn’t conceive. I believe I glimpsed that part of me that will never die. Scary, yet comforting. -Kreslyn Nichole Kelley

Project 50/50 :: Day 14 – Blurred Vision

Six years ago Life Sucked!  I was diagnosed with Keratoconus, an eye condition that effects your cornea.  I was told all the things I couldn’t/shouldn’t do… Life Sucked!  Yet, I had to stop the self pity.  I’ll never let a blown cornea hold me back. Now I live life 20/20! -Marcus Sims

Project 50/50 – Day 13 :: Pay Me

After 17.5 years of being a single struggling parent, my ex wanted custody to stop his child support obligation. He collaborated with our child to leave me but the judge informed him that he still had to pay his arrears of over $500,000! I told him back then, “you’re going to pay me…” Only God!…

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Project 50/50 – Day 12 :: I Laugh

I laugh as I think about the barely visible scar that fills the groove in my neck.  A reminder of a sudden sickness that promised to take my voice and life.  But God gave me a promise that I would laugh again. So I laugh and laugh… God always fulfills His promise! -Delinda Morris Smith

Project 50/50 – Day 11 :: Dreamer

I was asked will I ever give up my dream to produce music? I replied emphatically NO! As long as I live, I’m living my dreams through sounds and lyrics that create rhythms for my foundation. I dedicate my life to God, my music and my grandfather (Robert James Williams, SR. 1925-1994). -Dokk Savage

Project 50/50 – Day 10 :: Confirmation

One New Year’s Eve I found myself questioning, “Is Jesus real?” Sitting in my recliner I opened my bible, stared at the wall and fell asleep. I woke up, looked down and my finger was pointing to John 17:20.   As I read my eyes filled with tears. God is Real! -Tony Steele

Project 50/50 – Day 9 :: STOP

Life started when I gave myself permission to STOP! Stop making excuses. Stop letting fear control me. Stop self-doubt. Stop living in the past. Stop trying to stuff my square-pegged self into society’s round holes. Only when I stopped did I begin to move forward. -Kimeko Farrar

Project 50/50 – Day 8 :: Baggage Free

Found love, found God, grew in faith-and-spirit.  Raised my children, plus others; gave to the needy. Unfortunately, love ones died, husband walked out, oldest child left home and I gave my heart away again… way too soon. Woke up, pressed forward and left my bags behind me. -Altrise Harris Holden

Project 50/50 – Day 7 :: Life’s Journey

Life’s a journey.  My son Darin’s journey ended Oct 13th, 2010 at 6lbs 3oz 21in.  Stillborn… but I’m still Faithful. I try to find the reason for the early end to his journey, but I’m learning, it’s the JOURNEY that matters… in the end. -Dena Roberts

Project 50/50 – Day 6 :: I Write

At 25 and single, I’m on a continuous journey to figure out life. Post-grad has taught me I do not know how to live life outside of semesters. Alabama bred; I’m answering God’s call to do something greater than myself. Family is key. Writing is my scapegoat. -Terasha Nicole

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