Unheard Voices….

This photo was taken at the 1,000 Hoodies March on the beautiful campus of Alabama A&M University in support of Travon Martin on 3.30.12. I had originally posted this image in it’s original orientation. But this is the vision of how I wanted to present it… “Unheard Voices”. I’ve posted many images before, but this…

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Project 50/50 :: Book Preview has Arrived!

It’s been along time… I didn’t want to leave ya, but first things come first!  I finally received the preview to my Project 50/50 book!  I’m MORE than STOKED right now! Actually, the book was at my doorstep when I got home… I was just too nervous to open the package.  Filled with anxiety, I…

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Happy New Year :: 2012!

Happy New Year!!! There’s so much that I plan to start-&-finish in the 2012, but kinda afraid to own up to all of them due to the fact that I’ll be trying to accomplish 730 days of work in 365!  Are they resolutions?  Only if I’m allowed to break a few! #1. Healthier Living –…

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Project 50/50 :: Covered by the local news

You just never know the adverse affect that a story has on a person… community… or the world.  WAFF-48 News covered my  Project 50/50, which was my attempt to allow 50 people to tell their story in 50 words or less while I photographed them with my 50mm lens.  So many people have been encouraged…

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Project 50/50 :: Done!

As a child, I use to hate leaving my grandparents house because there, I use to have the GREATEST times!  But I knew it was over when granddad would say, “All good things must come to an end…” What I wouldn’t do to hear him say that one more time… Some people are blessed with…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 50 – Ties that Bind

He helped me to love life again after a difficult divorce. She helped me to not loose faith, after I lost my job. No matter what the future holds, we know that when it mattered, we where each others life line. Thats our connective tie that binds us. -Charles Beason + Joneia Brown  

Project 50/50 :: Day 49 – PSA

At the age of the 35 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  This was caught early because my nurse practitioner suggested that I take a prostate specific antigen (PSA).   My urologist said I should, “send her roses” because this suggestion saved my life.  Now I encourage all men who have prostate cancer in their family…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 48 – Know Your Status

Age 8, I watched my father fall to his knees screaming the loudest “Noooooo” when my mother died!   12 years later, I heard that same “Noooooo” ringing in my head while holding his fragile, cold hand!  Too numb to speak, I released the last of my parents. Safely born before either of the two were…

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Project 50/50 :: Day 47 – Unbreakable Bond

Imagine being adopted and never knowing that you are not alone in this world. A sudden urge energizes you to begin a quest to finding your lost past. Well ten years after the beginning of my search and thirty four years after my birth, I have found my biological sister!!! -Shawntel Jean-Batiste

Project 50/50 :: Day 46 – Against All Odds

Against All Odds, I Did It!  Single parent, military and a black female, I was the second out of 14 brothers and sisters to receive a Bachelor’s degree and the first to receive a Masters! The challenges were daunting but my passion was greater! “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me”  -Lateisha…

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